In 2001, we enjoyed a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  I loved the mountains, ocean and city sites of Seattle and Vancouver.  Starting in Seattle, then to British Columbia--there is nothing like the Butchart Gardens which was another adventure worth noting.

A Canadian friend of mine, Allan met me at the ferry landing for a day trip to see these fabulous gardens.  He is another adventurous travel buff that I met  in Puerto Vallarta on a boat trip to Yelapa--but that was another day trip on a boat of snorkeling, hiking and horseback riding to waterfalls from years ago. By the way, if you haven't been to PV--I recommend it! 

We caught the ferry that crossed the Strait of Georgia to see the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.   I'd hoped to see this island for many years, and the gardens were a new exploration for him even though he'd been to the island before and he lives only a few hours away! He actually became inspired by the gardens--saying he was now a "vulture for horticulture!"  This was truly a place to jump start your gardening urges.

The next morning
I drove around parts of the island then to Victoria.  The harbor and Empress Hotel were breathtakingly beautiful.  I sat on the dock watching people and relishing the views.  I toured the island a while longer before returning to Seattle.  I met up with my mother for dinner and drove to the mountains and waterfalls outside Seattle.  The next day I picked up Jesse and Beth at the airport (my son and his darling fiance').  They persuaded me to take them back up to Vancouver, British Columbia since they arrived a few days after me for the day. Believe me, crossing the border on a Saturday is much slower than getting across on a weekday!   We enjoyed lunch in an old pub, took in some sights then drove back in time for dinner where we were staying with grandmother (my mother). She had been working on a project in Seattle. 

In Seattle, you can easily spend a day in the Experience Music Project Museum--which is what we decided to do! We also spent time in old town, Pike's Place and other popular touristy spots (Ballard Locks, Fisherman's Terminal, the Needle). We enjoyed a visit with cousins in the scenic locations they live--appreciated the historical sights and the cooler weather away from the California heat being it was August.  We agreed that we want to travel back this way again!