All About Mary 

I'm a real baby-boomer. Remember the Wonder Years TV series?  Well, that hits close to home for me. Being raised in the "burbs" during the '70s, life was much more basic then. Rock and Roll will never be the same as what we hear on the radio now--I enjoyed many concerts and still do today (i.e., REM, U2, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Dave Mason, Van Morrison, Santana, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Chris Isaak, Rod Steward, Ann Margaret, Ray Charles and more).  TV was different then too.   Watching Ed Sullivan was one of the highlights for me, especially when the Beatles came on.   From the TV generation, we've moved on to the Internet generation. We enjoy new fun techno-gizmos like cell phones that do more than just "phone home".  Our kids have fun exploring all the latest gizmos too!  One interest I share with my husband Eric, is learning about new discoveries. We enjoy many adventures in our do-it-yourself home projects, gardening, skiing, travel and celebrating life with family and friends.  Life is too short, I think I've said enough--time to go play!         


Here are notes and pictures from my journeys! 
It is a work in progress.   Happy Trails. 

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